The Onset of the Revenge War

The saga of Lumaria now entwines with a tale of war and retribution, as the consequences of the revolt and the subsequent conflict unfold over two tumultuous years, reshaping the region’s political landscape.

The Onset of the Revenge War

The assassination attempt that rocked Jay’s adopted homeland ignited a brutal conflict known as the Revenge War. This war was not merely a clash of arms but a complex weave of political ambitions, old rivalries, and a quest for justice. The upstart prince, whose ambition had triggered the revolt, led his forces against the established monarchy in a bitter struggle for power.

Lumaria’s Involvement

Lassandra, while managing her own realm, kept a watchful eye on the unfolding war. Lumaria, under her leadership, maintained a stance of neutrality, offering humanitarian aid but refraining from direct military involvement. However, the war’s impact on regional stability was a matter of grave concern for her.

The War’s Brutal Progress

Over the two years, the conflict saw numerous battles, sieges, and skirmishes. Both sides suffered heavy losses, and the civilian population bore the brunt of the war’s horrors. Villages were burned, families torn apart, and the land scarred by the violence that engulfed it.

The Prince’s Defeat and Escape

Eventually, the tide of war turned against the upstart prince. Despite his initial successes, he was gradually outmaneuvered and overwhelmed by the loyalist forces. In a decisive battle, his army was routed, and he was forced to flee for his life.

The prince sought refuge in the Highlands, a rugged and remote region. Here, he was granted asylum by a faction of exiled Lumarians, known as the offshoot Lamaris. These exiles, having fled Lumaria years ago due to political dissent, had carved out a life in the harsh terrain of the Highlands. They viewed the prince’s cause with a certain sympathy, seeing in his struggle a reflection of their own.

Lassandra’s Reaction to the War’s End

In Lumaria, Lassandra received news of the war’s end with a mix of relief and apprehension. The defeat of the prince meant a likely return to stability in the region, but his escape and asylum with the offshoot Lamaris posed new diplomatic challenges.

Lassandra pondered over this development. She knew that the presence of the prince in the Highlands could lead to future conflicts, and the involvement of Lumarian exiles added a personal dimension to the situation.

Jay’s Fate Amidst the Chaos

Throughout the war, Lassandra had received no definitive news about Jay or his family. Rumors and reports were conflicting, and her hope of finding out his fate had dwindled with time. Now, with the war’s end, she faced the daunting task of seeking the truth in a land ravaged by conflict.

A Realm Healing from War

As the region began the slow process of healing and rebuilding, Lassandra contemplated Lumaria’s role in aiding the war-torn lands. Her thoughts often drifted to Jay, the man who had once held her heart, and the possibility that he might still be out there, caught in the whirlwind of a war that had changed so many lives.


The Revenge War, with its dramatic conclusion and the escape of the prince, marked a significant chapter in the region’s history. For Lassandra, it was yet another reminder of the intricate tapestry of political alliances, conflicts, and personal destinies that defined the world she lived in. As she looked towards the future, she knew that the decisions she made would have far-reaching consequences, not just for Lumaria, but for the entire region that was now emerging from the shadows of war.



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