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Eloria is now home to every abandoned spirit from every galaxy. Because their atrocities were too terrible for the new planet’s physical makeup to accept, the nine empires delayed the transformation of their souls for ages.
But the universe, the nine goddesses of knowledge, and the Ego demonic clan came to an agreement that let those millions of spirits maintain their own culture.
What is now Elora was formerly home to nine separate tribes. Not only were they penalized for being unable to leave this particular spot, but very few people were even aware that it existed.

Many extraterrestrial beasts were present to frighten them. Life for Lasandra was a living hell.
Knowing how difficult things were for the people of ELORIA, she felt terrible for them. No matter her biological parents, LaSandra was always her father’s favorite kid.

In his anguish at his wife’s death, he abandoned his little daughter in the woods. As he walked alone through the jungle, distraught and on the verge of suicide, he discovered the baby wrapped in blue silk.
She was a boon to him when she saved his life. Even when they were adults, his children still felt threatened by her.
Unbeknownst to her, they had persuaded Lasandra to embark on a perilous journey when she was sixteen, all in the service of a prophecy that would one day reveal her true identity.
Eshe, the twin goddess manifest in human form, was the first of her hundred incarnations.
The Elorian would reveal her true identity as her siblings plotted her downfall.
Perched precariously at the base of Nniiji Mountain, this cliff watched over festivalgoers of all hues as night fell on a magnificent festival day.

While she was completely unaware, they manipulated her emotions by telling her a terrible narrative. As a result, she became insane and saw spirits at the foot of what appeared to be an infinite cliff.
She was either pushed over the edge or fell while believing she could soar over the skies like a goddess.

She awoke on a beach surrounded by tall fruit trees after a brief nap, unable to suppress her hunger.
She opened her eyes and looked into the water, but instead of seeing herself, she saw Goddee’s Idia mirrored back at her.
She was completely alert once again.
A massive storm loomed on the horizon as she navigated through the forest, and strange animals surrounded her.
She was sixteen years old when she felt an intense pull toward a formidable hunter brandishing a magnificent weapon.
As they scrambled to their feet, the terrified animals made a commotion as they disappeared.
As he drew nearer, the hunter extended a hand to introduce himself.
“My name is Jay Ismael, and I am the youngest son of the king of the tribe of Ismael.” They sat down and talked about their experiences, which were remarkably parallel: betrayal by jealous siblings was a common thread in both stories.
Then the adventure could begin, with that formality taken care of.

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