Sacrifice of the wisdom of goddeses



A New Dawn in the  Cosmo


In a world where the line between reality and fantasy blurred, there existed a place of incredible wonder.

This realm, known only to a select few, was a hidden sanctuary where the impossible became possible and the mundane transformed into the magical.

At the heart of this enchanted world lay a mystical garden, flourishing under the watchful gaze of a towering, ancient tree.


Its branches, thick with age, stretched toward the sky, entwined with luminous vines that glowed softly in the twilight.

The leaves whispered secrets of ancient times, and the wind carried tales of distant lands and forgotten adventures.

Under the canopy, a carpet of vibrant moss blanketed the ground, dotted with flowers of unimaginable colors.

These flowers were not ordinary; they sang melodies at dawn and dusk, their petals opening to reveal tiny, shimmering lights, like stars falling to earth.

The air was alive with their symphony, a hauntingly beautiful chorus that echoed through the garden.

In this otherworldly place, creatures of myth and legend roamed freely. Ethereal deer with antlers of crystal and gold grazed beside babbling brooks, their reflections shimmering on the water’s surface.



Majestic birds, with feathers like molten silver, soared across the sapphire sky, leaving trails of stardust in their wake.

At the garden’s edge, where the shadows grew deeper, there stood a small, ivy-covered cottage.

It was a curious structure, with walls that seemed to shift and windows that glinted with a light of their own.

This was the home of Elara, the guardian of the garden, a being of both light and shadow tasked with protecting the balance of this magical world


Elara was not alone in her duties. A small, mischievous creature named Pippin, no larger than a rabbit, with bright eyes and a bushy tail, served as her companion



Pippin was a creature of pure magic, capable of changing shape at will, often turning into a swirl of leaves or a fluttering butterfly.

One fateful evening, as the stars began to twinkle in the velvet sky, a disturbance rippled through the garden.

A shadow darker than the deepest night crept across the land, threatening to engulf the sanctuary in its cold embrace.

Elara sensed the danger, her heart heavy with foreboding.

She and Pippin ventured deep into the garden, moving past the singing flowers and the crystal deer toward the source of the darkness.



As they journeyed, the air grew colder, and the vibrant colors of the garden faded into muted shades of gray.

At the center of the disturbance, they found a rift, a tear in the very fabric of their world. From this rift, shadows whispered and cold winds howled, threatening to consume all the beauty and magic of the garden.


Elara knew what she must do. Drawing upon her ancient powers, she began to weave a spell of protection, her voice merging with the song of the flowers, the whispers of the leaves, and the melody of the wind.

Pippin, ever loyal, danced around her, his own magic lending strength to her spell.

As Elara chanted, a light began to emanate from her being, growing brighter and warmer, pushing back against the creeping darkness.

Under the force of her magic, the rift trembled, and the shadows retreated as if the light had burned them.

After what seemed like an eternity, the rift began to close, the darkness dissipating into nothingness, leaving behind only the soft glow of Elara’s magic.

The garden, once again safe, burst into a kaleidoscope of colors, the flowers singing louder than ever in gratitude.

Elara, exhausted but triumphant, collapsed into the soft moss. Pippin curled up beside her, his eyes filled with pride and admiration.

Together, they watched as the garden healed, its magic restored, and its beauty undiminished.

From that day on, Elara and Pippin remained vigilant, guardians of a world where magic and wonder thrived, a hidden sanctuary where the impossible was simply a part of everyday life.

And though the world beyond remained oblivious, the garden continued to flourish, a testament to the enduring power of magic and the unbreakable spirit of those who protect it.


In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where stars are born and galaxies spin in eternal dance, there existed two formidable factions, each wielding immense power and guided by contrasting philosophies: the Celestial Sovereigns and the Void Marauders.

The Celestial Sovereigns:

These masters of the cosmos, draped in gowns woven from starlight and cosmic energies, were beings of ancient wisdom and unparalleled power.

They were the guardians of the celestial order, viewing the universe as a canvas for creation and enlightenment.

The Sovereigns were represented by the nine negro goddesses of wisdom clan, an assembly of deities who embodied the virtues of knowledge, harmony, and balance. Each goddess, a majestic entity in her own right, was a facet of the greater whole, reflecting the diverse and powerful aspects of wisdom and cosmic order.


Though separate, they stood as equals, their unity forging a bond that transcended time and space.

The Void Marauders:

In stark contrast, the Void Marauders were enigmatic entities shrouded in the mysteries of the dark cosmos.

These formidable beings, driven by a relentless desire to control and harness the universe’s hidden forces, viewed the cosmos as a realm to be conquered.

Allied with the ego-demonic clan, they sought to unravel the secrets of the universe, not for enlightenment but for dominion.



The ego-demonic clan, a group of powerful entities fueled by ambition and pride, complemented the Marauders’ quest for supremacy.

Together, they pursued the gift planet, believed to be the key to unlocking ultimate cosmic power.


The delicate balance between these two factions was maintained through a complex web of agreements and ancient pacts.

Foremost among these was the understanding that the original man,



A being of immense significance and mystery was off-limits to both factions.


There was an unspoken cosmic agreement to revere and guard this ancient entity, which represented the beginning of life and consciousness.



However, the first man, a descendant of the original yet distinct in his own right, was not afforded the same sanctity.

The Void Marauders, ever seeking to expand their influence, saw the first man as a target, a stepping stone toward their ultimate goal of cosmic dominance.

This divergence in approach between the two factions created a dynamic tension, a cosmic game of chess where every move had repercussions that rippled across the stars.

The Celestial Sovereigns, in their pursuit of harmony, viewed the actions of the Void Marauders with deep concern.

They understood that the balance of the cosmos was delicate, and any disruption could have unforeseen consequences.


The Sovereigns, guided by the wisdom of the nine goddesses, sought to counteract the Marauders’ ambitions, not through direct confrontation but through subtle manipulation of cosmic energies and the nurturing of enlightened beings capable of withstanding the darkness.

This cosmic dance, a perpetual cycle of action and reaction, creation and dissolution, shaped the destiny of countless worlds and civilizations.




The Celestial Sovereigns and the Void Marauders, each powerful in their own right, continued their eternal struggle, bound by ancient agreements and driven by their contrasting visions for the universe.

Amidst this grand cosmic theater, the fate of the first man hung in the balance, a symbol of the ongoing conflict between enlightenment and dominion, harmony and chaos, and the never-ending quest for understanding the mysteries of the cosmos.

In the vast expanse of the cosmic theater, where stars and galaxies wove the fabric of existence, the fate of the first man, a being of unparalleled significance, dangled precariously.

He stood as a living emblem of the eternal struggle between enlightenment and dominion, between the harmonious symphony of the universe and the tumultuous chaos that threatened to unravel it.

His journey was a testament to the relentless pursuit of unraveling the enigmas of the cosmos.


An emotional moment of contemplation befell Eshe, a goddess of knowledge whose lineage was as old as the streams of Nniiji Mountain. The rivers, which flowed across the countryside with ageless knowledge, reflected the features of her and her twin sister, Idia.


Their bond went beyond the material world; it was profound and otherworldly.

Being in this hallowed ground made Eshe realize how transient her mortal body was.

A soft but unmistakable reminder that her century on Earth was drawing to a close, Idia’s reflection in the water appeared to communicate with her.


Over the eons, this cycle persisted without ever becoming easier.

Every time, a small part of her was hesitant and held on to the tangible things—the relationships, the experiences, the highs and lows.

A rare display of weakness from a person of such tremendous wisdom and power—a tear threatened to escape her eye as she stood there.

With her eyes averting from the stream, she blinked it back, her heart burdened by the weight of eternity and the transience of earthly life.

The two children  she was about to leave, aged ten, subsequently entered her mind.

Their last session, a review of everything she had taught them, was approaching, and Eshe knew it.

A voyage that would determine their fates was about to begin for these young, enthusiastic, and intelligent brains.

She tackled the responsibility of imparting the most important wisdom they would require with a blend of gravity and optimism, knowing full well that it was her duty.

Even goddesses must endure the final goodbyes as they make their way home; the reverberations of the ancient waters accompany her every step of the way, serving as a continual reminder of the recurrence of life’s cycles, the transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next, and so on.

As she stood on the edge of a profound metamorphosis, she readied herself emotionally for the challenge that lay ahead, eager to mold the future.




She and Idia were formerly part of a formidable alliance of divine beings. But then their narrative took a dramatic turn, involving enormous self-sacrifice and metamorphosis.

It was a cosmically significant decision that the other seven goddesses made.

They united their holy spirits to become the Imamu, an unmatched power in the cosmos.

Symbolizing the masculine aspect of the divine feminine, this being possessed a powerful, unfiltered energy that originated from the stardust that bestows life on Earth.


Only one man at a time could handle this tremendous force, and even then, only for a short while.

The weak flesh of mere mortals could only withstand such power for an instant, inspiring them to greatness before they gave in.

She thought back on the legendary Jua, who lived for a thousand years  and rose to the status of a hero among heroes.

He became one of the greatest men who ever lived when he received the Imamu’s essence, and his acts resounded throughout history. Even though another century went by during his reign, not even he could evade death.

Old age, a terrible fate that had appeared almost fantastical up to Jua’s demise, finally befell the first man.

The death of Jua brought an unpleasant truth to light.

With him gone, the ego—a potent and frequently dangerous force—reawakened. A catastrophe that might have ripped the fabric of reality apart was on the verge of destroying the planet.

The two goddesses that were still alive, Idia and Eshe, then had to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Eshe was cognizant of the gravity of the situation and the weight of the responsibility they were carrying.

The weight of their decision and the sacrifices made to ensure the continued existence of all living things weighed heavily on her mind as she drew closer to her house.

The weight of divine responsibility and centuries of history weighed on Eshe’s mind as she prepared to teach her young charges vital truths.

In their last class, she would teach them not only facts and figures but also the values of wisdom, selflessness, and the Nine Negro Goddesses’ tradition of striving for excellence.

Because of Idia’s profound emotional investment, the choice to make a new sacrifice was complicated.

Idia, the goddess of great love and feeling, had grown quite fond of Jua, a mortal whose story had moved her to tears.

Idia could not stand the thought of her imminent loss because their love had blossomed into a deep bond that went beyond the typical borders of the celestial and mortal realms.

The subsequent Imamu essence bearers, who succumbed to egotism and brought about nearly disastrous outcomes, compounded Idia’s sadness following Jua’s death.

It was clear that these occurrences had triggered her intense wrath and irritation, and her intransigence almost led to the collapse of the first civilization.

Eshe, ever perceptive, tapped into the spirit of their sisters after seeing how profound Idia’s emotions ran and how urgently they needed a solution. They came up with a plan of selfless sacrifice and optimism as a team.

A thousand years from now, at a time when his presence would be most needed, they chose to reincarnate Jua in the far future.

Consequences did follow from this choice.

As a counterpoint to this act of resuscitation, humanity would face the same disease that killed Jua: old age.

It brought a new dimension of mortality to their existence and was a major change to the human situation. A further consequence of Jua’s reappearance would be a reduction in human understanding.

Knowledge would be severely limited, if not completely lost, but intelligence would be the same.

Despite the high price, Eshe and Idia consented to these conditions. A small percentage of the original human population—just 5%—was able to survive, giving us a slim chance to carry on.

In addition, the gods imposed a special curse on humanity: albinos would make up one out of every four babies born, which would be a continual, visible reminder of the sacrifice and the precarious power dynamic between humans and the gods.

Eshe and Idia were crucial figures in this complex web of love, grief, power, and sacrifice.

The decisions they made had a profound impact on humanity’s fate and demonstrated the difficulties and responsibilities of being a celestial guardian.

As a lasting witness to the immense influence of divine intervention in the mortal realm, the tale of Jua, his return, and the repercussions thereof would imprint itself in the annals of time.

The air got thinner and the trail got more hazardous as Eshe guided her youthful protégés, Kingpin and IndigoGirl, up the sacred mountain’s high slopes.

Embedded in their rich tradition, this rite of passage drew from ancient wisdom and heavenly truths; it was no ordinary field trip.

about the age of 10, Kingpin, a courageous and inquisitive young man, gazed about in awe.

The young IndigoGirl, who exuded an air of deep introspection despite her youth, appeared to fully embrace the gravity of the moment, grasping the importance of their climb.

With a voice that echoed a little in the fresh mountain air, Kingpin demanded, “Eshe, why is this cave so important?””

With eyes that betrayed ageless knowledge, Eshe cast a quick glance in his direction. The cave, she started, is more than just a physical location.

It’s the meeting spot of the heavenly and the mortal, a link between realms. I gave birth to a boy there; he is a powerful and responsible being, a warrior at his core.

IndigoGirl raised her voice, her tone gentle yet audible. How challenging was it to juggle the roles of deity and mother?”

On Eshe’s face appeared a smile that carried a hint of melancholy. It was a test of my mettle like no other.

I felt an overwhelming sense of excitement and heavy duty as I brought a new life into this world, a life that carried with it both a heavy load and a promise.

After they came to the cave’s entrance, Eshe stopped so the kids could admire it.

Ancillary carvings and symbols depicting the gods, creation, and the everlasting life-death cycle ornamented the entrance.

“Come,” Eshe whispered, her voice barely audible, as if she were respectful of the sacredness of the place. Here is the spot where important events took place.

Light shafts that seeped into the cavern through roof fissures illuminated its murky interior, casting an otherworldly light on the walls.

Within these hallowed walls, time seemed to have stood still, as the air was chilly and still.

“This is the spot on the cave floor that seemed to emanate a subtle energy,” Eshe stated, pointing to where she had brought her son into this world. A combination of heavenly might and human anatomy, he came into our world at the very core.

It was in his blood to unite the gods and humans, to watch over and lead them.

The legends and atmosphere of the site ignited Kingpin’s mind as he looked around. Tell me about him.His voice betrayed a combination of wonder and intrigue as he inquired.

He possessed great strength, both physically and spiritually, Eshe said.

“Yet, he was also kind and aware of the universe’s precarious equilibrium. Not only was he a fighter, but he was also a teacher, a healer, and someone who protected precious knowledge.

With her eyes reflecting the fading light, IndigoGirl inquired,

“Has he returned?” Around the globe, you know?”

Eshe’s countenance became grave.

His essence permeates everything, therefore his spirit is never far from us.

However, in his bodily form… he accomplished his purpose and went back to the stars. But the wisdom he shared and the lives he changed will endure long beyond his death.

As they continued their exploration of the cave, Eshe filled them in on more details about her son’s life, including his exploits, lessons, triumphs, and lessons learned.

Both Kingpin and IndigoGirl paid close attention, taking in every detail of the stories.

Finally, as they were getting ready to exit the cave, Eshe looked across at the kids. You two have the same capacity for greatness that my kid did. Take with you the wisdom of this site: that sacrifice can make all the difference, that harmony is key, and that empathy and understanding are the ultimate weapons.

Sunset was upon them as they made their way down the mountain, coloring the sky with orange and purple hues and throwing lengthy shadows. The event and the stories they had heard had a profound impact on both Kingpin and IndigoGirl, and they walked in quiet contemplation.

Going on this field trip wasn’t just about learning; it was a life-altering adventure into the unknown, a chance to contemplate the meaning of life and the secrets of the universe.

Goddess Eshe had done more than just tell her young charges the tale of her son, the essence-born warrior; she had also planted the seeds of knowledge and bravery in their hearts, equipping them to face the difficulties and marvels of their own destinies.

Kingpin and IndigoGirl were face-to-face with an incredible sight as they reached the peak of the mountain. A doorway weaving itself into the natural fabric disguised the hallowed cave’s entrance.

They were mentally and physically drained after their long ascent of the mountain, which had tested the limits of their youthful bodies and minds. Because of their weariness, Eshe understood, they would be more open to the supernatural forces they were about to face.

The lush entry barrier to the cave parted, allowing Eshe to utter a few words that revealed the cave’s dark and enticing mouth. Despite the children’s fears, her presence brought them comfort as she guided them inside.

Within the cave lay a world of long-lost magic. Warm, flickering light from the many torches scattered around the room illuminated the elaborate wall decorations that told tales of bygone eras. A fire raged in the heart of the cavern, its shadows moving like dancers on the floor.

Despite their initial fear, Kingpin and IndigoGirl experienced a sense of calm when Eshe placed her hand on their shoulders. They felt their concerns melt away as her touch instilled a sense of wonder and preparedness.

She escorted them tenderly to a seat by the fire. She gazed deeply into their eyes as she presented them with a beverage, a mixture made with long-forgotten plants, and her gaze seemed to cut to the core of their being. Aromatic smoke swirled around them as she spoke, adding to the otherworldly ambiance of the cave.

“Pay close attention,” Eshe started, her voice carrying the age-old knowledge. “The tale I am about to share with you is more than just a historical account; it holds wisdom for the days ahead, a manual for living a fulfilling life and making sense of the universe.”

Her words created a rich tapestry of characters and events as she immersed herself in the story. She recounted the life of her son, the essence-born warrior, and his adventures along the way. The story was one of bravery, of struggles overcome, both outside against mighty enemies and internally against one’s own demons. There was love, there was grief, and there was the ever-present battle for equilibrium in a world where darkness and light coexist.

In the light of the torch, the pictures on the cave walls appeared to come to life as Eshe recited the tale, reshaping and moving as if performing the story. The epic narrative held Kingpin and IndigoGirl spellbound, who eagerly awaited each word and detail.

This was more than just an exciting tale; it included profound teachings about compassion, knowledge, and the nature of power. Despite being born into a royal family, Eshe’s son had to overcome obstacles that tried his mettle. His ordeals taught him to empathize with people, to fight not for fame but for justice, and to be responsible with his great authority.

The kids were totally engrossed when the story reached its peak, experiencing it with the characters. Instead of merely retelling events, Eshe’s tale enchanted them and whisked them away to a fantastical realm where the lines between gods and humans blurred and magic and reality existed side by side.

At the end of the story, the cave fell into a deep stillness. The only sound in the otherwise silent room was the gentle crackle of the fire. After hearing the story, Kingpin and IndigoGirl sat in silent contemplation, profoundly affected and transformed people.

For Eshe, this was going to be a watershed moment for them. What they had heard was more than just a story; it provided a framework for contemplating life’s intricacies, the weight of authority, and the significance of remaining loyal to one’s principles.

The kids had a renewed sense of direction and comprehension as they got ready to exit the cave. Along the way, they would apply what they had learned from Eshe’s tale, which would mold them into people who could handle adversity with grace and dignity and make a positive difference in the world.

From the mystical streams of Nniiji Mountain to her home, Eshe travelled with a heavy heart and a strong feeling of responsibility. In addition to reflecting her sister Idia’s likeness, the ancient waters had mirrored the burden of history and the impending conclusion of her present mortal cycle.

She embodied the complex fabric of history as a goddess of wisdom and a Negro. The waters of Nniiji murmured to Eshe the secrets of centuries past, of life’s cycles, of beginnings and endings, and the duties that accompanied her divine role. The rivers had witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations and had shared these knowledge with those who listened.

A sobering reminder of how fleeting their bodies are was Idia’s reflection in the ocean. Even though they had gone through this change numerous times, each time they were sad and reluctant to terminate it. It was difficult for her to accept the idea of momentarily abandoning the familiar world. With a heavy and holy burden, Eshe felt the weight of her immortality as she closed her eyes to suppress the tears.

Her thoughts drifted to the two ten-year-olds she was tutoring, IndigoGirl and Kingpin, as she drove home. On the brink of their own adventures, these impressionable young souls stood. The moment had come for Eshe to deliver to them their last lesson, the synthesis of all the insight and understanding she had imparted. Instead of being a routine part of their education, this class was going to be a watershed event that set them up for success in the future.

When Eshe understood her role, everything became clear. Even though the forecast of the mystic stream had caused her much emotional distress, her role as a teacher and guide had not diminished. The wisdom and information she shared with Kingpin and IndigoGirl would serve as her legacy, a means to guarantee that her impact and lessons would endure long after she passed away.

For Eshe, the journey home was a chance to collect her thoughts in anticipation of the critical mission that lay ahead. Thinking back on her lengthy existence, she reflected on the wisdom she had acquired, the lessons she could impart to her young charges, and the most crucial facts. This last lesson should sum up knowledge, the significance of knowing one’s role in the universe, and the strength of making decisions that are in harmony with the higher good.

Eshe returned home with a revitalized feeling of direction. At the same time as her current cycle was coming to a close, a new one was about to begin: a chance to impart wisdom to young minds, to help them overcome obstacles, and to share a little bit of herself with them as they went on their own paths. She prepared to teach a lesson that would live on in the hearts and minds of people for generations by taking a deep breath.

The narrative of Eshe enthralled Kingpin and IndigoGirl with its complex web of intergalactic politics and human hardships. The audience hung on her every word as she described Galaxy, a city that represented the pinnacle of human achievement and a symphony of development, where old and new existed in perfect harmony.

The story developed, presenting important characters in the vast city of Galaxy. From the pragmatic leader, High Councillor Vorian, to the revered seer, Commander Taelon, to the strategic genius, Doctor Lira Vex, to the young diplomat, Architect Zan, to the influential trader, Priestess Avalon, to the spiritual guide, Captain Rhye, to the daring explorer, and activist Mira, to the cultural preservationist, this cast of characters is filled with remarkable individuals. The choices and deeds of each character were intricately interwoven in the fateful dance that unfolded throughout the narrative.

Next, Eshe moved the action to the new planet’s enigmatic realm and introduced a new cast of important characters: Eldra Sylas, the longest-serving goddess of wisdom; Warlord Krane, the merciless ruler of the Ego Demonic Clan; Oracle Nyx, the cosmic communicator; Guardian Echo, the guardian of secrets; Explorer Astra, the daring adventurer; Technomancer Vexx, the brilliant genius; Prophetess Serene, the visionary; Ambassador Dorian, the diplomatic envoy; Historian Yael, the custodian of ancient records; and Rebel Leader Kael, the captivating rebel.

The intricacy of the story captivated the kids. She went into detail about how these twenty people fulfilled their responsibilities, their destinies intertwining with the cosmic destiny. Warlord Krane’s dogged quest for dominance, Commander Taelon’s strategic planning, Dr. Lira Vex’s revolutionary discoveries, Mystic Elara’s prophetic visions, and High Councillor Vorian’s diplomatic endeavors all contributed to the story’s development.

In a universe where every decision might change the balance of power and every secret discovered could change the path of history, Kingpin and IndigoGirl were whisked away as Eshe described the impending war and the crucial role of the new planet. In addition to themes of power and warfare, the novel emphasized the value of mutual respect, teamwork, and education.

Eshe used the story she narrated as a metaphor to describe the difficulties they would encounter in real life. It taught me the significance of maintaining a balance between tradition and development, the weight of power, and the complexity of leadership.

The central fire in the cave appeared to go out as the tale drew to an end, as if it, too, had been listening and had now become silent in thought. Her gaze mirrored the dancing flames as she turned to the kids.

“Listen up, little ones; this isn’t your average space opera. In it, we see our own world, our own problems, and our own successes mirrored. Although the protagonists and antagonists change, the teachings remain the same. The decisions we take, the relationships we build, and the information we seek out determine not only our own but also the fate of everyone around us.

Now that IndigoGirl and Kingpin were both quiet and contemplative, they had a lot on their minds. The story had shown them a complicated world full of options, reflecting the values Eshe wanted to instill: wisdom, insight, and the bravery to confront the unknown.


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