Eloria, the magical province, Lysandra/Eshe, Jay Ismael

Eloria, the magical province, Lysandra/Eshe, Jay Ismael
Various strong species from around the galaxy call the magical province of Eloria home. It is a distinct and autonomous domain. The strange destiny that these species share is their confinement within Eloria’s borders, rendered immobile, regardless of their origins or rebellions.

Their decision to disobey a vital cosmic ritual—the rebirth and rejuvenation process of passing their souls through magical waters—is the root cause of their incarceration. They unwittingly tied themselves to Eloria and its territory by turning their backs on this holy ritual.

This leaves these beings in a constant state of flux, where they can’t let go of their past or begin over. They are now captives in Eloria as a result of their choice, and many view them as monsters: beings cursed by their own choices while possessing tremendous power and knowledge.

Their arrival in Eloria complicates matters and increases the risk for the province. The boundary between myth and reality becomes more porous in this realm, where formidable beings and long-lost secrets cohabit. In this unique world, two young people named Jay Ishmael and Lasandra find their destiny and the incredible strength inside themselves amidst the mayhem and magic of Eloria.


Jay Ishmael and Lasandra stand out in Eloria’s complex fabric due to their amazing talents and their innate humanity. Not only do they have to learn to harness their abilities, but they also have to face and conquer their own personal demons, anxieties, uncertainties, and phobias along the way.

Personal Battles Faced by Jay Ishmael:

The tremendous strain that Jay feels to live up to his family’s reputation as scholars is a source of great anxiety for him.

As he struggles to live up to the expectations placed on him by being a member of the Ego Demon Clan—a strong and renowned lineage—his terror grows.
Lack of Confidence in Skills:

Despite his skill, Jay has self-doubts on a regular basis. Tragic outcomes might ensue if he is unable to master the vast power he received from the Ego Demon Clan, his greatest dread.
Questioning One’s Identity:

In the midst of reconciling his demonic ancestry with his academic background, Jay has an identity crisis.

He has feelings of isolation and inner turmoil due to his dualism, which makes him question his role in the world.

The Struggles Lasandra Faces Emotionally:

Fear of the Unknown: Lasandra fears the unknown because of her enigmatic history. To this day, she still has no idea where she came from or what her heavenly essence really is, and this has left her feeling disoriented and alone.
Lasandra is terrified that Jay will reject her if she discovers her celestial skills.

She is concerned that her abilities will cause her to become estranged from the people she cares about.
Have you ever questioned Her strength?

As her abilities continue to develop, Lasandra has frequent bouts of self-doubt about her physical and mental capacity to manage the obligations that accompany her divine status.

Her celestial lineage has high expectations, and she worries that she may fail to meet them.

Power in Tribal and Council Settings:

Jay starts to make his mark on Eloria’s councils and tribes as he settles into his position.

He is able to connect the scientific and magical worlds thanks to his unusual background.

He resolves conflicts and provides unique insights due to his background.
The Eloria tribes, particularly those with strong ties to the natural world, hold Lasandra in high esteem because of her mystical abilities and her oneness with the divine.

Environmental and spiritual issues affecting Eloria’s residents are matters she can influence due to her heavenly essence and natural ability to communicate with nature.

While influencing Eloria’s social and political climate, Jay and Lasandra work together to overcome the intricacies of their own difficulties. Their internal struggles and attempts to reconcile them with their outside obligations make them sympathetic and accessible figures in this strange setting.


Teenagers Jay Ishmael and Lasandra are smack dab in the middle of a watershed event in the history of their province in the magical realm of Eloria. Realizing they need to do something together, they join together with their classmates, a group of bright young people who each contribute something special to the table. The imminent invasion of Eloria by unseen forces is a danger that this organization plays a pivotal role in preventing.

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