Lassandra made her appearance 500 years  before the modern  age she was one of Eshe’s alters she was a princess of Lumaria, which was  the name  of the four tribes  united the land  was  still one mass with many  rivers  lakes  forests, and  mountains there were peace in the land  for  500yrs after the albino was expelled, the  albino was the  children of the curse  they were unable to  function  in the  day like the  normals there population exploded they  became a burden that was  tolerated until ego  took  hostage and  some of them became  criminal and all were to blame  this continued   for many  years  until  they  became hunters of the night  a many  live were lost and for twenty  years all hell broke  loose  until a place  was  found  in  darker  hinterlands  where the sun shined  half the time that’s  where they  got  ran off too the  abode  of the Original man who they outsmarted and enslaved  for a short time  before they  just made  peace and assimilated for 500 years they populated together  creating  new powerful  hybrid  empire

They minded their own business for many years until the Lumarisns, who were rebellious, took steps to seek trade, wealth, and new adventures.

When leadership found it, they were outraged.  and thousands were banned. they end up founding their own nation with their new-found wealth. Another 300 years go by now there are three nations, the FIRSTMAN/ LUMARIANS.  IN THE  MIDDLE WERE the middle were the breakaway dregs, the lumarians, and the albino/original man / hybreds with this  back drop, the story of Lysandra develops. she is  Eshe  her  first appearance as the Goddes in flesh This was  the payment they agreed upon that saved manknd from herself as  royalty, the story begins in her  enlightment  year which  ment te time  she new  who she was, never again would  the  goddeses have to  be born, just  every  hundred  years they would awith up

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