Eshe final lesson to them

Eshe stood before herself, staring at the reflection of Idia, her twin sister, in the ancient

Eshe, a goddess of wisdom with a heritage as rich as the ancient streams of Nniiji Mountain, found herself in a poignant moment of reflection. The waters, coursing through the land with the wisdom of ages, mirrored her own visage and that of her twin sister, Idia.


Their connection, deep and mystical, transcended the mere physical realm.

In this sacred space, Eshe was reminded of the fleeting nature of her mortal form. Idia’s image in the water seemed to speak to her, a gentle yet stark reminder that her century in the flesh was nearing its end. This cycle, repeated through the aeons, never got easier.


Each time, a part of her hesitated and clung to the earthly experiences, the connections, the joys, and the sorrows.

As she stood there, a tear threatened to escape—a rare show of vulnerability from a being of such immense wisdom and power.


She blinked it back, turning away from the stream, her heart heavy with the weight of eternity and the briefness of mortal life.

Her thoughts then drifted to the two ten-year-olds under her guidance.


Eshe realized it was time for their final lesson, a culmination of all that she had taught them.


These young minds, eager and bright, were about to embark on a journey that would shape their destinies.



Eshe knew she had to impart the most crucial wisdom they would need, a task she approached with a mix of solemnity and hope.

As she walked towards her home, the echoes of the ancient waters followed her, a constant reminder of the cycles of life, of wisdom passed down through generations, and of the inevitable farewells that even goddesses must face.


In her heart, she prepared for the task ahead, ready to shape the future even as she herself stood on the brink of a profound transformation.


As Eshe walked, her mind wandered through the annals of time, reflecting on the profound history of the Nine Negro Goddesses.

These divine beings, including herself and Idia, once formed a powerful collective. However, their story took a turn of monumental sacrifice and transformation.

The other seven goddesses made a decision of cosmic significance. They merged their divine essences to create the Imamu, a singular, unparalleled force in the universe.

This entity represented the male counterpart to the divine feminine, embodying a raw, potent energy born from the stardust that blesses all life.

However, this power was so immense that only one male at a time could bear it, and even then, only briefly.

The flesh of mortals, not designed to contain such might, could endure it for just a fleeting moment, compelling them to achieve greatness before succumbing.

Eshe reminisced about Jua, a legend who lived a millennium and became a hero among heroes.

When he received the essence of the Imamu, his deeds echoed through history, marking him as one of the greatest men to have ever lived.

Under his rule, another century passed, but even he, with all his might, could not escape the clutches of mortality.

Jua was the first man to fall to old age, a dreaded fate that had seemed almost mythical until then.

With Jua’s passing, a stark reality came to light.

The ego, a powerful and often destructive force, reemerged in his absence.

The world teetered on the brink of devastation, a calamity that could have unraveled the very fabric of existence.

It was then that the two remaining goddesses, Eshe and Idia, were called upon to make an ultimate sacrifice.

The weight of this responsibility and the enormity of their decision were not lost on Eshe.

As she neared her home, the legacy of their choice—the sacrifices made for the balance and survival of all life—resonated deeply within her.

These thoughts, heavy with history and the burden of divinity, prepared Eshe for the crucial lessons she was about to impart to her young charges.

In their final lesson, she would convey not just knowledge but also the essence of wisdom, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of greatness that defined the legacy of the Nine Negro Goddesses.


The decision to make a new sacrifice was fraught with complexity, particularly due to Idia’s deep emotional involvement.


Idia, a goddess of profound love and emotion, had developed an intense and genuine affection for Jua, a mortal whose life and legacy had deeply touched her.


This love, transcending the usual boundaries of divine and mortal realms, had grown into a passionate bond, making the impending loss unbearable for Idia.

After Jua’s demise, Idia’s grief was compounded by the subsequent bearers of the Imamu essence, who succumbed to the temptations of ego, leading to near-catastrophic consequences.

Her anger and frustration at these events were palpable, and her stubbornness nearly resulted in the first civilization’s downfall.

Recognizing the depth of Idia’s feelings and the need for a resolution, Eshe, with her wisdom and foresight, called upon the essence of their sisters. Together, they devised a plan of immense sacrifice and hope. They decided to reincarnate Jua in a distant future, choosing a time where his presence would be most needed, a thousand years hence. This decision was not without its consequences.

To balance this act of resurrection, mankind would be afflicted with the same ailment that claimed Jua—old age. It was a significant alteration to the human condition, introducing a new aspect of mortality to their existence. Furthermore, Jua’s return would come with a limitation on human knowledge. While intelligence would remain intact, the depth and breadth of knowledge would be significantly reduced, perhaps never to be fully regained.

Eshe and Idia agreed to these terms, but the cost was substantial. Only a fraction of the first man’s tribes were spared, a mere 5%, preserving a sliver of humanity to continue forth. Additionally, a unique curse was placed upon humanity: one in every four children born would be albino, serving as a constant, visible reminder of the sacrifice and the delicate balance of power and responsibility that the gods held over humanity.

In this intricate weave of love, loss, power, and sacrifice,

Eshe and Idia played pivotal roles. Their decisions not only shaped the destiny of mankind but also reflected the complexities and burdens that come with divine guardianship.

The story of Jua, his return, and the consequences thereof, would forever be etched in the annals of time, a testament to the profound impact of divine intervention in the mortal realm.


As Eshe led Kingpin and IndigoGirl, her young protégés, up the steep slopes of the sacred mountain, the air grew thinner, and the path became more treacherous.

This was no ordinary field trip; it was a journey into the heart of their heritage, a rite of passage steeped in ancient wisdom and divine secrets.

Kingpin, a boy of about ten with a curious mind and a fearless spirit, looked around with wide-eyed wonder. IndigoGirl, equally young but with a quiet, introspective demeanor, seemed to absorb the solemnity of the moment, understanding the significance of their ascent.

“Eshe,” Kingpin asked, his voice echoing slightly in the crisp mountain air, “why is this cave so important?”

Eshe glanced back at him, her eyes reflecting the wisdom of ages. “This cave,” she began, “is not just a physical place. It’s a bridge between worlds, a place where the divine and the mortal meet. It’s where I gave birth to a son, a warrior born from the essence, a being of great power and responsibility.”

IndigoGirl spoke up, her voice soft but clear. “Was it difficult, being both a goddess and a mother?”

A smile, tinged with both fondness and sadness, crossed Eshe’s face. “It was a challenge unlike any other. To bring a life into this world, one that carried such a burden and promise, was both my greatest joy and my heaviest responsibility.”

As they reached the mouth of the cave, Eshe paused, allowing the children to take in the sight. The entrance was adorned with ancient symbols and carvings, telling stories of the gods, of creation, and of the eternal cycle of life and death.

“Come,” Eshe said, her voice now a whisper, as if in reverence to the sanctity of the space. “Let me show you where history was made.”

Shafts of light that entered the cave through cracks in the ceiling cast an ethereal glow on the walls as they dimly lit the interior. The air was cool and still, as if time itself had slowed down within these sacred confines.

“This is where I brought my son into the world,” Eshe explained, gesturing to a spot on the cave floor that seemed to radiate a subtle energy. “He was born of the essence, a fusion of divine power and human form. His destiny was to bridge the gap between the gods and mankind, to be a protector and a guide.”

Kingpin took a look around, the stories and energy of the place igniting his imagination. “What was he like?” he asked, his voice filled with a mix of awe and curiosity.

“He was strong, both in body and spirit,” Eshe replied. “But he also carried a gentleness within him, an understanding of the delicate balance of the universe. He was a warrior, yes, but also a healer, a teacher, and a guardian of the sacred truths.”

IndigoGirl, her eyes reflecting the flickering light, asked, “Is he still here? In the world, I mean?”

Eshe’s expression turned somber. “His spirit is always with us, in the essence that flows through all things. But his physical form… he fulfilled his destiny and returned to the stars. His legacy, however, lives on, in the lessons he taught and the lives he touched.”

As they explored the cave, Eshe shared more stories of her son, of his adventures and his teachings, of the challenges he faced and the wisdom he imparted. Kingpin and IndigoGirl listened intently, absorbing every word, every nuance of the tales.

Finally, as they prepared to leave the cave, Eshe turned to the children. “You both carry within you the potential for greatness, just as my son did. Remember the lessons of this place: the power of sacrifice, the importance of balance, and the strength that comes from understanding and compassion.”

As they descended the mountain, the sun began to set, casting long shadows and painting the sky in hues of orange and purple. Kingpin and IndigoGirl walked in silence, each lost in thought and deeply affected by the experience and the tales they had heard.

This field trip had been more than just an educational journey; it had been a transformative experience, a deep dive into the mysteries of the divine and the complexities of existence. Eshe, the wise and powerful goddess, had not only shared the history of her son, the warrior born from the essence, but had also sown the seeds of wisdom and courage in the hearts of her young charges, preparing them for the challenges and wonders of their own destinies.




Reaching the summit of the mountain, Kingpin and IndigoGirl found themselves facing an extraordinary sight. A door made of intertwined vegetation that matched the surroundings perfectly concealed the entrance to the sacred cave. Their journey up the mountain had been arduous, leaving them both physically and mentally exhausted. Their young minds and bodies were pushed to their limits. This very exhaustion, Eshe knew, made them more receptive to the mystical energies they were about to encounter.

With a few whispered words from Eshe, the vegetative barrier at the cave’s entrance unraveled, revealing the dark, inviting mouth of the cave. She led the children inside, her presence a calming influence in the midst of their apprehension.

The interior of the cave was a realm of ancient wonder. Torches dotted around the space cast a warm, flickering light, illuminating the walls which were adorned with intricate images depicting stories of old. In the center, a fire burned steadily, its flames casting dancing shadows across the cave floor.

Kingpin and IndigoGirl, despite their initial terror, felt a wave of tranquility wash over them as Eshe touched their shoulders. Her touch seemed to dispel their fears, replacing it with a sense of awe and readiness.

Eshe gently guided them to sit down near the fire. She handed them each a drink, a concoction steeped in ancient herbs, and looked into their eyes with an intensity that seemed to pierce their very souls. As she spoke, aromatic smoke billowed from the fire, swirling around them, further enhancing the mystical atmosphere of the cave.

“Listen closely,” Eshe began, her voice resonating with the wisdom of the ages. “The story I am about to tell you is not just a tale from the past; it is a lesson for the future, a guide for how to live and how to understand the world around you.”

She dove into the tale, her words weaving a vivid tapestry of events and characters. The story she told was of her son, the warrior born from the essence, and his journey through life. It was a tale of courage, of battles fought both externally against formidable foes and internally against personal demons. It spoke of love, of loss, and of the eternal struggle to find balance in a world filled with both light and darkness.

As Eshe narrated, the images on the cave walls seemed to come alive, moving and shifting in the torchlight, as if acting out the story being told. Kingpin and IndigoGirl were captivated, hanging on every word and every detail of the epic saga.

The story was not just an adventure; it was imbued with deep lessons about the nature of power, the importance of wisdom, and the value of compassion. Eshe’s son, despite his divine heritage, faced challenges that tested his spirit and character. Through these trials, he learned the importance of understanding others, of fighting not for glory but for justice, and of using his immense power responsibly.

As the tale reached its climax, the children were completely immersed, feeling as if they were living the story alongside the characters. Eshe’s storytelling was not just a recounting of events; it was an enchanting experience that transported them to another world, a world where gods and mortals intersected, where magic and reality were indistinguishable.

When the story concluded, a profound silence filled the cave. The fire crackled softly, the only sound in the otherwise still space. Kingpin and IndigoGirl sat in quiet reflection, deeply moved and forever changed by the tale they had just heard.

Eshe knew that this experience would be a defining moment in their lives. They had not only heard a story; they had been given a framework for understanding the complexities of life, the responsibilities that come with power, and the importance of staying true to one’s values and beliefs.

As they prepared to leave the cave, the children felt a newfound sense of purpose and understanding. The lessons they had learned from Eshe’s story would guide them as they navigated their own paths, shaping them into individuals who would not only face their own challenges with courage and wisdom but would also contribute to the world in meaningful and impactful ways.





Eshe’s journey from the mystic streams of Nniiji Mountain to her home was one filled with introspection and a profound sense of duty. The ancient waters, always a mirror to the past and a gateway to understanding, had reflected not just the image of her sister Idia, but also the weight of history and the imminent end of her current mortal cycle.

As a Negro goddess of wisdom, Eshe carried the rich tapestry of history within her very being. The waters of Nniiji had seen civilizations rise and fall, had whispered the secrets of ages to those who listened, and now, they spoke to Eshe of the cycles of life, of endings and beginnings, and of the responsibilities that came with her divine role.

The reflection of Idia in the water was a poignant reminder of the transience of their physical forms. Though they had undergone this transformation many times, each ending brought its own sense of loss and reluctance. The thought of leaving behind the world she knew, even temporarily, was a bitter pill to swallow. Closing her eyes to hold back the tears, Eshe felt the full weight of her immortality, a burden as heavy as it was sacred.

As she drove home, her mind wandered to Kingpin and IndigoGirl, the two ten-year-olds under her tutelage. These children, young and eager, stood at the precipice of their own journeys. Eshe knew that it was time to impart to them their final lesson, a culmination of all the wisdom and knowledge she had shared with them. This lesson would not just be another chapter in their education; it was to be a pivotal moment that would prepare them for the path ahead.

The realization of this responsibility brought a sense of clarity to Eshe. Her responsibility as a teacher and guide remained paramount despite the internal turmoil the mystic stream’s prophecy caused. The knowledge and wisdom she imparted to Kingpin and IndigoGirl would be her legacy, a way to ensure that her influence and teachings would continue even in her physical absence.

The drive home was a time for Eshe to gather her thoughts and prepare for the crucial task ahead. She contemplated the lessons she had learned throughout her long life, the insights she had gained, and the most important truths she could pass on to her young charges. This final lesson would need to encapsulate the essence of wisdom, the importance of understanding one’s place in the grand scheme of things, and the power of making choices that align with the greater good.

Arriving home, Eshe felt a renewed sense of purpose. The impending end of her current cycle was not just an ending but also a beginning—an opportunity to sow the seeds of wisdom in young minds, to prepare them for the challenges they would face, and to leave a part of herself with them as they continued on their journey. With a deep breath, she readied herself to impart a lesson that would be remembered for lifetimes to come.



Eshe’s story, woven with the intricate tapestry of cosmic intrigue and terrestrial struggles, captivated Kingpin and IndigoGirl. They listened intently as she painted a vivid picture of Galaxy, a metropolis that not only epitomized the zenith of civilization but also stood as a symphony of progress, where tradition and innovation danced in harmonious synchrony.

The narrative progressed, introducing key figures in the sprawling metropolis of Galaxy. High Councillor Vorian, the pragmatic leader; Mystic Elara, the revered seer; Commander Taelon, the strategic genius; Doctor Lira Vex, the brilliant scientist; Emissary Kiara, the young diplomat; Architect Zan, the creative genius; Merchant Lord Jaxon, the influential trader; Priestess Avalon, the spiritual guide; Captain Rhye, the daring explorer; and Activist Mira, the cultural preservationist. Each character played a pivotal role in the unfolding saga, their decisions and actions intertwining in the dance of destiny.

Eshe then shifted the focus to the mysterious realm of the new planet, introducing another set of key characters: Eldra Sylas, the oldest Goddess of Wisdom; Warlord Krane, the ruthless leader of the Ego Demonic Clan; Oracle Nyx, the cosmic communicator; Guardian Echo, the sentinel of secrets; Explorer Astra, the intrepid adventurer; Technomancer Vexx, the inventive genius; Prophetess Serene, the visionary; Ambassador Dorian, the diplomatic envoy; Historian Yael, the keeper of ancient histories; and Rebel Leader Kael, the charismatic insurgent.

The children were enraptured by the complexity of the narrative. Eshe described how these twenty individuals navigated their roles, their fates becoming interwoven in the cosmic destiny. The story unfolded with High Councillor Vorian’s diplomatic efforts, Mystic Elara’s prophetic visions, Commander Taelon’s strategic preparations, Dr. Lira Vex’s groundbreaking discoveries, and Warlord Krane’s relentless pursuit of power.

As Eshe detailed the brewing conflict and the pivotal role of the new planet, Kingpin and IndigoGirl were transported to a world where every choice could tip the balance of power, and every secret uncovered could alter the course of history. The story was not just about conflict and power; it was about the importance of understanding, cooperation, and the pursuit of knowledge.

The tale Eshe told was a metaphor for the challenges they would face in their own lives. It was a lesson in the complexities of leadership, the responsibilities that come with power, and the importance of balancing progress with tradition.

As the story came to a close, the fire in the center of the cave seemed to dim, as if it too had been listening and had now grown quiet in contemplation. Eshe looked at the children, her eyes reflecting the flickering flames.

“This story, my children, is not just a tale of a distant galaxy. It’s a reflection of our own world, our struggles, and our triumphs. The characters may be different, but the lessons are the same. Remember, the choices we make, the alliances we form, and the knowledge we seek, shape not just our destiny, but the destiny of all those around us.”

Kingpin and IndigoGirl, now silent and thoughtful, had much to ponder. The story had given them a glimpse into a world of complexities and choices, mirroring the very lessons Eshe sought to impart – wisdom, understanding, and the courage to face the unknown.

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