Your narrative weaves a rich tapestry of mythology, encompassing themes of leadership, sacrifice, and transformation. In this epic tale, we witness the journey of humanity, guided by divine beings and marked by pivotal moments of crisis and enlightenment.

The story begins with a man, chosen to embody the essence of seven goddesses, leading a monumental task of revitalization. Under his guidance, humanity experiences an era of marvels and extended lifespans. However, with his passing, humanity regresses into chaos, threatening their own existence.

At this critical juncture, the Twin Goddesses Eshe and Idia intervene. Eshe summons her sisters, leveraging their collective wisdom to avert disaster. Idia, initially disillusioned with humanity, is swayed by her emotional attachment to the hero Jua. This bond reignites her hope in humanity, and together with Eshe, they steer humanity away from annihilation.

To ensure humanity’s survival, Eshe and Idia establish new rules. These include a natural lifespan limit of 100 years, the loss of advanced technologies, and the introduction of a unique curse where every fifth child born is an albino, serving as a reminder of humanity’s past mistakes.

Additionally, to provide ongoing guidance, it’s decreed that after 500 years, one of the goddesses would incarnate among the tribes. This intervention aims to maintain the tribes’ focus on wisdom and enlightenment.

Parallel to this divine narrative, the tribes of Lumaria, following a period of turmoil and the sacrifice of the Two Goddesses, unite to form a coalition. The establishment of the Council of Nine, representing unity from a divided past, marks a new era of cooperation.

The Council introduces similar rules to those set by the goddesses, emphasizing a natural lifespan, a return to simpler living, and the symbolic reminder of every fifth albino child. These measures aim to foster a harmonious existence and prevent the recurrence of past follies.

In conclusion, the legacy of the Twin Goddesses and the first Imamu Jua continues to shape Lumaria’s destiny, guiding its people towards a future of unity, wisdom, and prosperity. This narrative beautifully encapsulates the themes of divine intervention, human frailty, and the eternal quest for harmony and enlightenment.

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