Lasandra remained her father’s favored daughter

The fact that Lasandra remained her father’s favored daughter made no difference whatsoever.
After losing his wife, he went into the woods, leaving his children behind.
Discouraged and on the brink of suicide, he found the infant wrapped in blue silk as he wandered alone through the bush. The discovery of this remarkable baby shocked him greatly.
Because she prevented his death, she was a boon to him.
The fact that Lasandra was an infant made his privileged older children feel threatened. resentment that persisted until they orchestrated an event to divert attention away from her
Little did she know that at the age of sixteen, they had persuaded Lasandra to embark on a perilous quest in search of a prophecy that would eventually reveal her true identity.
She, the twin goddess of WISDOM, materialized at the beginning of her one hundred-year existence.
The Elorian would come clean about who she really was ,while her siblings plotted her demise.
As the sun set on the verdant celebration day, this cliff stood watch at the foot of Nniiji Mountain, where revelers of all colors were enjoying themselves.
As they played with her emotions with this horrific tale, they put a medicine in her drink; she went insane and could see specters at the bottom of what seemed like an endless cliff.
Either someone pushed her over the edge or she fell while thinking she could fly like a deity.
She couldn’t control her appetite when she woke up on a beach with towering fruit trees all around.
Upon opening her eyes, she beheld a reflection of Goddee’s Idia in the lake, rather as her own reflection.
Once again, she was fully conscious.


In the mystical realm of Eloria, where the fabric of reality intertwines with the arcane, the tale of LaSandra, a figure of empathy and resilience, unfolds. Born into a world where the nine empires and their heinous crimes were too vile for the earth to bear, LaSandra’s life was destined to be entwined with the cosmic machinations and ancient prophecies.

Eloria, a land shrouded in enigma and forgotten by time, was a sanctuary for the condemned, where supernatural beings roamed and terror reigned supreme. LaSandra, raised by a father heartbroken by loss, lived on the precipice of a nightmare, her life a constant struggle against the terrors of her homeland.

Unknown to her, LaSandra was the pivot of a deep-seated prophecy, her fate inexorably linked to the celestial entities of Eloria. Her journey, a perilous trek into the unknown, was more than a mission; it was a voyage into her very soul, seeking truths hidden within. This quest led her to the ruins of an ancient temple, a site where the veil between worlds was thin, triggering a profound transformation and awakening memories of her past lives, particularly her connection to Eshe, the twin goddess.

As the veils of deceit fell, LaSandra realized the true intentions of her siblings. Driven by jealousy and a misinterpretation of the prophecy, they sought to eliminate any threat to their power. However, they were blind to LaSandra’s real destiny—a path of healing and reconciliation, not conquest.

At the moment of cosmic alignment, LaSandra’s divine connection peaked, revealing her true purpose. She was to be the harbinger of healing and unity, bridging the gap between realms. Her epiphany transformed her into Eloria’s guardian, a symbol of hope and unity, etching her story into the annals of time as a legend of compassion, understanding, and the eternal dance of darkness and light.


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