All the discarded souls from the Galaxies have taken up residence in Eloria. The nine empires kept their souls from transitioning for aeons since the new planet’s body wouldn’t take them due to the horrific nature of their crimes. Still, the cosmos, the nine wisdom goddesses, and the Ego demonic clan worked out a compromise that allowed those millions of souls to keep on living in their own unique culture.
There were nine distinct tribes that settled in what is now known as Elora. Not only were they punished for not being able to leave this specific place, but very few even knew it existed.
There were a lot of alien monsters there to torment them. so, Lasandra’s life was miserable. She felt bad for the people of ELORIA and knew how tough it was for them. lasandra was her father’s favorite child, regardless of her parentage. While he was grieving the loss of his wife, he left her as a baby in the woods. He found the infant wrapped in blue silk while grieving and traveling alone in the bush, almost taking his own life. She saved his life and became a blessing to him.
He had grown children who felt threatened by her from the start. At the age of sixteen, they inspired her to embark on a perilous adventure, unaware that it was all part of a prophecy that would reveal Lasandra’s true identity. The first incarnation, which would happen every hundred years, began with Eshe, the twin goddess in flesh. As her siblings planned her demise, it was the Elorian who would tell her the truth about who she really was. As darkness fell on a glorious festival day, this cliff stood at the foot of Nniiji Mountain, where revelers of all stripes were enjoying themselves. They drew on her emotions as they told her this tragic tale, and in her obliviousness, they put a concoction into her drink, sending her mad enough to see the spirits at the base of what seemed like an endless cliff. In her delusion, she could soar across the sky like a goddess, but she fell or was shoved over the edge. After a brief period of unconsciousness, she regained consciousness on a beach with towering fruit trees all around her, and she couldn’t control her hunger. She opened her eyes and peered into the pool, only to see Goddee’s Idia reflected back at her instead of herself. Once again, she was wide awake. Strange creatures encircled her as she made her way through a woodland while a huge storm loomed on the horizon. At sixteen years old, she felt an overwhelming attraction to a powerful hunter who held a great weapon. The beasts, startled, bolted away, making a racket as they vanished. The hunter approached her, his hand extended as an introduction. “My name is Jay Ismael, and I am the youngest son of the king of the tribe of Ismael.” They sat down and shared their stories, which were strikingly similar: both had been betrayed by envious siblings. With that formality out of the way, the adventure could commence.







Here is the revised image, featuring Lasandra and Jay Ismael as requested.


Let’s create a scene from the perspective of Lasandra, the main character, as she experiences her environment on the planet Eloria.

  1. What does she see? Lasandra’s eyes are immediately drawn to the vibrant colors and eerie beauty of Eloria. She sees the towering Nniiji Mountain, its peak disappearing into the gathering storm clouds. The landscape around her is a mix of fantastical architecture, representing the nine distinct tribes, each with its unique cultural footprint. In the distance, revelers are celebrating a festival, adorned in colorful attire, their joy juxtaposed against the haunting presence of alien monsters that roam the outskirts of the celebration.
  2. What can she hear? The soundscape is a complex blend of festivities and nature. She hears the distant laughter and music from the revelers, a lively melody that seems to defy the somber history of Eloria. Closer, the rustle of leaves and the occasional roar of an alien creature create an undercurrent of danger. The approaching storm adds a growing rumble, a reminder of the planet’s untamed essence.
  3. What does she smell? The air carries a mix of scents. There’s the fresh, earthy smell of the forest, mingled with the sweet aroma of exotic fruits from the towering trees. Occasionally, a whiff of something pungent and alien drifts by, likely from one of the strange creatures or the unique flora of Eloria.
  4. What can she taste? As Lasandra breathes in the air of Eloria, she can taste the tang of an impending storm, a slight metallic tinge on her tongue. There’s also the lingering taste of the strange concoction she was given, a reminder of her siblings’ betrayal and the start of her unexpected journey.
  5. What can she touch? She feels the uneven ground beneath her feet, a mix of soft earth and hard stone. The texture of the blue silk she was once wrapped in as a baby, now a makeshift shawl, is smooth and cool against her skin. Around her, the air is growing increasingly humid and charged with electricity from the storm, creating a tangible tension on her skin.

Through Lasandra’s sensory experiences, the scene becomes more immersive and vivid, highlighting her connection and reaction to the world of Eloria.






  1. Trigger the Flashback Naturally: Ensure that flashbacks are triggered by something in the story’s present. This could be a particular event, a significant location, an object, or even a specific phrase that resonates with the character’s past experiences.
  2. Make it Relevant: The flashback should be directly relevant to the current plot or character development. It should provide insight into a character’s motivations, fears, desires, or past experiences that are influencing their current actions or decisions.
  3. Keep it Brief and Focused: A flashback should be concise and focused on a specific event or moment. Avoid long, drawn-out flashbacks that can disrupt the flow of the narrative. The key is to provide just enough background to enhance the reader’s understanding of the situation or character.
  4. Smooth Transitions: Transition into and out of flashbacks smoothly. Use sensory details, thoughts, or emotions to enter a flashback. To return to the present, you can use a similar technique, often tying the flashback to a current event or emotion.
  5. Character Perspective: Keep the flashback consistent with the character’s perspective. It should reflect their current understanding and memory of the event, which might be different from the actual event. This can add layers to the character, showing how their past experiences have shaped their perceptions.
  6. Enhance, Don’t Overwhelm: Flashbacks should enhance the story, not overtake it. Rely on them sparingly and only when they add significant value to the character development or plot advancement.
  7. Emotional Impact: A well-placed flashback can heighten the emotional stakes. It can make the reader empathize with the character or understand the gravity of a situation based on the character’s past experiences.
  8. Vary the Technique: Flashbacks don’t always have to be long narrative passages. They can be brief memories, snippets of dialogue, or even quick sensory recollections that give a glimpse into the character’s past.
  9. Avoid Confusion: Make it clear to the reader when the narrative is shifting from the present to the past. Confusion can pull the reader out of the story, so clarity in the shift is crucial.
  10. Integrate with the Story’s Theme: Ideally, flashbacks should resonate with the larger themes of your story, adding depth and context to the narrative as a whole.

Remember, flashbacks are a tool to enrich your story, providing depth and context where needed, but they should be used judiciously to maintain the momentum and coherence of the main narrative.


On the verdant festival day as night fell, this cliff kept guard at the base of Nniiji Mountain, where partygoers of all hues were having a good time. As they manipulated her emotions with this terrible story, they slipped a potion into her drink, driving her insane to the point where she could see the ghosts at the foot of what appeared to be an infinite precipice. She was either pushed over the edge or fell while believing she could soar over the skies like a goddess.

Incorporating the provided scene into a narrative, with an emphasis on using a flashback for backstory, could look like this:

Lasandra stood at the base of Nniiji Mountain, her gaze sweeping over the cliff that had become a silent guardian to the revelries of the festival. The vibrant hues of the partygoers contrasted starkly against the verdant backdrop of the mountain. It was a sight that should have filled her with joy, yet her heart was heavy, burdened by a memory that refused to fade.

Flashback Begins:

Years ago, on a night much like this, a younger Lasandra found herself amidst a similar celebration. The air was thick with laughter and music, a perfect cover for those plotting against her. Unbeknownst to her, that night would change the course of her life forever.

As she mingled with the crowd, her siblings, masked by smiles, weaved a tale of sorrow and deception. They spoke of ancient ghosts that haunted the base of the cliff, their voices a melodic poison that clouded her mind. And as they spun their web of lies, they discreetly slipped a potion into her drink – a concoction so potent that it blurred the line between reality and madness.

Under its influence, Lasandra’s vision twisted. The cliff’s edge, once a mere boundary of the land, transformed into a gateway to the ethereal. She saw spirits, their ethereal forms beckoning her from the abyss. In her delirium, she believed she could join them, soaring across the skies like a goddess freed from earthly shackles.

It was in this state of hallucinatory flight that tragedy struck. Whether by her own misstep or a treacherous push from unseen hands, she plummeted over the edge. The fall was a blur, a rush of wind and terror, ending abruptly as darkness claimed her.

Flashback Ends.

Now, standing once again at that fateful spot, Lasandra could almost hear the echo of her past screams mingled with the current joy of the festival. The memory was a stark reminder of her resilience, of the journey that had brought her back to this point, stronger and more aware of the deceit that lurked beneath smiling faces.

As the night deepened, she turned away from the cliff, and her resolve strengthened. The ghosts of her past would no longer hold sway over her present. She was ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead, her spirit unbroken by the fall that was meant to end her.


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