the meetinf the lovers

Eloria is a territory occupied by the rejected spirits of the Galaxies. In the nine empires, these spirits were not allowed to transition because their crimes were so evil that none of the bodies created by the new planet would accept them, but these souls were in limbo for thousands of years. But as part of the deal made between the universe, the nine goddesses of wisdom, and the  Ego demonic clan, they were given a reprieve, and a place was prepared for those millions of souls to continue their separate civilization It was called Elora, and nine tribes were established. They were not allowed to leave this designated location, and only a few knew the way in, let alone that it existed as a punishment. Many evil beasts from other planets were present to torture them. so it was not a happy existence for Lasandra She was aware of the residents of ELORIA’s plight and sympathized with them. lASANDRA WAS HER FATHER’S FAVORITE CHILD, EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS NOT HIS BLOOD. She was an infant abandoned in the wilderness when he was mourning the death of his beloved wife. In his grief, he was walking alone in the wilderness, contemplating suicide, when he came across this baby wrapped in blue silk.  SHE SAVED HIS LIFE THEN AND BECAME A BLESSING HE HAD OLDER GROWN CHILDREN WHO RESENTED HER FELT HER A THREAT FROM THE BEGINING SO WHEN SHE WAS SIXTEEN, THEY CREATED THE STORY AND CONVICTED HER TO TAKE THIS DANGEROUS ADVENTURE, NOT KNOWING THAT THIS WAS PART OF A PROPHECY revealing who Lasandra truly was. Eshe, the twin goddess in flesh, was the beginning of the first incarnation that would occur every hundred years. It would be the Elorian who would reveal to her her true identity, while her siblings plotted to get rid of her. On a day when a great festival was taking place, everyone was having a good time, and the night had fallen, there was this cliff at the edge of what was to be known as Nniiji Mountain. They told her this sad story, tugging at her heartstrings, and while she was unaware, they slipped a potion into her drink, rendering her insane enough to see those souls at the bottom of what appeared to be a bottomless cliff. She felt the agony of believing she could fly as the goddess; she either jumped or was pushed over the edge; she lost consciousness for a time and awoke on a beach surrounded by large fruit trees; she could not stop herself from eating. When she opened her eyes and looked into the water, the reflection she saw was Goddee’s Idia, not herself. She was awake once more. As a massive storm approached, and took her  a long distence she found herself in a forested area surrounded by strange beasts. who  appeared ready to devour  her  then suddenly this mighty hunter  apeared  he had a grat weapon and this terrified the beasts who ran off makig loud noises as tey diasapeared this mighty hunter came to her he was extremey   attractive to her she never had this feeling before , she was just sixteen this  hunter  rached his hand out introducing  him self  I am  Jay Ismael of the teibe of Ismael the youngest son of the king they sat doen together and told  there stories which was  cvery simaler  both were  betreyed  by jeloue  siblings now that introduction were submited it was time for the aventure to begin